Ice Lined Refrigerator With Freezers

combined ice lined freezers and refrigerators

general features

Labtop Two- in- one vaccine storage refrigerators and Freezers are specially designed for refrigerated storage of Vaccines as per WHO guideline. These refrigerators are equipped with micro a controller based temperature controller includes digital temperature display of set value and process value. Temperature alarm system with adjustable high /low alarm limits includes audible and visual warning.

special features

  • Foamed in place CFC free PUF insulation ensures temperature stability and reduced power consumption.
  • Specially designed trays ensure even temperature distribution.
  • Castor wheels for ease of mobility
  • Adjustable leveling jack.
  • Meets WHO / UNICEF standards.
Technical Specifications
Cat. No. LIR-75F LIR – 150F LIR – 300F
Total Volume (liters ) 75 150 300
Volume of refrigerator 50 90 180
Volume of Freezer 25 60 120
No. Of tray 2 2 5
Temperature of refrigerator (ΒΊC) 2 -8
Temperature of Freezer (ΒΊC) -20.0
Accuracy  (ΒΊC) Β± 0.5
Resolution (ΒΊC) 0.1
Hold over Time (hrs) 24 / 48 / 72
Refrigerant R-134a
Energy supply needed per 24 hours (hrs) 8
Product verification protocol E03/RF03-VP.1
Specification reference E03/RF03.1
Sensor Position 30 mm from the chamber
Operating Condition   4 – 45 ΒΊC and 95 % RH
Storage condition 0 – 50 ΒΊC and `95 % RH
Power (W) 250 350` 500
Voltage (VAC) 230 ,50/60 Hz
Internal Dim (WxDxH) mm 450x420x420 600x430x400x 960x500x500
External Dia (WxDxH)mm 550x520x825 1290x580x720 1650x782x755
Packing size (WxDxH) mm 680x650x1025 1420x710x925 1780 x900x960
Net Weight (kg) 150 250 300
Gross weight (kg) 175 300 350

optional accessories

PC interface communication
Micro controller based PID controller to record, store and print the set values, process values, Date & time with variable print time intervals with RS- 485 communications for PC interface

LABTOP β€œDATALINX” CFR 21 Part 11 compliance communication software for data management. Complete with RS-485 multi dropping to monitor multiple chambers to one software

Uninterrupted online power supply for PLC in case of power failure

Additional tray suitable for above equipment as per your requirement

Temperature Recorder
7 days circular chart recorder for recording temperature

LABTOP offers IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ validation with documentation, reports, calibration and test certificates.

The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certified for its accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory (ERTL West) Government of India recognized testing laboratory with traceable reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL).

Service and Support
The training undertaken by our Channel partners and engineers is of the highest standard in the industry, ensuring that our customers are supported by the highest level of technical expertise and as such can be assured that their equipment will perform to the standards required at all times.

Our wide network of Engineers/Technicians enables us to respond to any technical query, ensuring that our customers receive the maximum benefit from their equipment.

NB:Β Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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