Biosafety Cabinets Class II A 2

Biosafety Cabinets Class II A 2

Labtop range of Class II Bio safety Cabinets is designed for product, personnel and environmental protection. They are suitable for general microbiological work with agents assigned to bio safety levels 1,2 or 3. These Biological Safety Cabinets are ideally used in hospitals, clinical research, life science and pharmaceutical laboratories. These units are comes with motorised sliding shattered proof glass view screen, base stand, removable work tray, supply filter and HEPA filters. These Class II biological safety cabinets can be either exhausted back into the room or outside the room.

special features

  • Large front panel display and user friendly control panel
  • 10Β° slanted view screen provides highly visible and easily accessible area
  • Work area is surrounded by negative pressure , double-wall plenums for superior protection
  • Sturdy constriction of cabinet protects from air leakage from the working zone
  • Display of Life of UV lamp, HEPA filter and temperature
  • Caster wheels for ease of mobility
  • Levelling jack for vibration free operation

exhaust duct

Through exhaust duct, class II A2 bio safety cabinet is compatible with exhaust system (optional), to exhaust contaminated air outside the cabinet or room.
Technical Specifications
Cat. No. LBS-32A2 LBS-42A2 LBS-52A2 LBS-62A2
Working Area (mm) 900Γ—600Γ—600 1200Γ—600Γ—600 1500Γ—600Γ—600 1800Γ—600Γ—600
External Size with stand (mm) 1020x800x2260 1320x800x2260 1620x800x2260 1920x800x2260
Inflow Velocity (m/s) 0.53 Β± 0.025
Down flow velocity (m/s) 0.33 Β± 0.025
Control system PLC / Manual
Display Colour HMI with touch screen / Deferential pressure  Gauge
Air Flow system 70 % air recirculation and 30%  exhaust
Front sash door Counter balanced Toughened glass
Maximum opening (mm) 400
Safe Opening (mm) 200
Filter HEPA filter 99.999  %  efficient
Particle Retention 0.3 microns
Class 100
U V lamp 1
Base Height (mm) 635
Noise level (dB) β‰₯ 65
Exhaust Volume (m3/h) 936 1315 1645 1972
Downfolw Volume (m3/h) 626 835 1045 1253
Voltage 230 VAC
Power 300 350 400 800
Packing Size (mm) 1147x930x1800 1447x930x1800 1747x930x1800 2050x930x1800
Net weight (kg) 200 225 250 275
Gross weight 250 275 300 325


P Models are with Programmable logic control (PLC)
G Models are made out of Stainless steel 304 (GMP)

Service and Support

The training undertaken by our Channel partners and engineers is of the highest standard in the industry, ensuring that our customers are supported by the highest level of technical expertise and as such can be assured that their equipment will perform to the standards required at all times.

Our wide network of Engineers/Technicians enables us to respond to any technical query, ensuring that our customers receive the maximum benefit from their equipment.


LABTOP offers IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ validation with documentation, reports, calibration and test certificates.

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