A centrifuge is an apparatus that is driven by an electric motor and works on the principle of sedimentation, where the centripetal acceleration produced by the rotational force of the machine, cause more dense substances to settle in the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. The centrifugal machine does helps in separating the components of the liquid. These centrifuges are most commonly used in chemistry, biology and biochemistry laboratories for isolating and separating suspensions of proteins, chemicals, etc. They vary in speed and capacities.

cabinet construction

The cabinet of Labtop Refrigerated Centrifuges are insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam. Interior of chamber is dull finish stainless Steel (304 SS, 3.0 mm thick). The exterior is white powder coated (3.0 mm thick) mild steel

refrigeration system

The cooling is effected by CFC free refrigeration system with a condensing unit located inside the chamber. Labtop condensing units are characterised by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption.
  • CFC free refrigeration with time delay to safe guard the compressor
  • Inner grooved copper tubes and slit aluminium fins for superior heat transfer
  • Filter drier for moisture and dirt protection
  • Safety and control devices for better system protection
  • Thermally protected and permanently lubricated fan motors
  • Frost free refrigeration system

safety features

Electronic Safety door interlock ensures that the rotor does not run with door open while the cover cannot be opened unless rotor comes to complete stop.
  • Miniature circuit breaker to protect electronic components in case of abnormal power supply
  • Overload cut off relay for compressor
  • 180 seconds time delay for compressor switch on
  • Audio visual alarm with error messages for abnormal conditions
  • Imbalance cut off with alarms and error messages
  • Door opening and closing with the help of pneumatic hinges
  • Facility to open the door manually in case of power failure
  • Motorised double door lock for better safety

micro control based controller

Temperature and speed range adjustable with micro controller based controller includes display of set value and process value, alarm system with adjustable high /low alarm limits includes audible and visual alarm.
  • Display of set value and process value
  • 1-99 Minutes timer
  • Lid opening and closing with the help of pneumatic hinges
  • Precise control of temperature and speed by using in Micro control
  • High quality PT-100 sensor for better accuracy
  • Color Display with touch screen
  • Imbalance cut off with error messages
  • Self diagnostic system with error messages
  • Automatic rotor identification

programmable logic controller (plc) system

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for automation of controlling electromechanical processes, such as control of temperature, speed, Door open-close, time and other event management with less maintenance hence no moving parts.
  • PLC with 4.3โ€ touch screen and colour Display
  • Password protected Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Data storage to record set values, process values, date & time with variable time intervals
  • Display of set values and process values
  • High speed Ethernet connectivity
  • Temperature and Speed is controlled by PLC
  • 1- 99 Minutes timer
  • Precise control of temperature by using in PID control ( auto tuning type)
  • Self diagnostic system with error messages
  • Data logging capacity up to 200000 readings
  • High quality PT-100 sensor for better accuracy
  • Programmable alarms with event management
  • Display of online and off line log reports

labtop datalinx software

Title 21 CFR Part 11 is the part of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations that establishes the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations on electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES). Part 11, as it is commonly called, defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records.
  • 21CFR-PART 11 compliance.
  • Multiple centrifuge data acquisition on single software
  • Reports in Tabular and Graphical form
  • Mean Kinetic Temperature Report.
  • Back up Provision.
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Electronic signature
  • Audit trial report
  • Mobile alert via SMS in case of any deviations
  • Online and offline trends

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