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Labtop blood collection monitor is a compact instruments to provide smooth and gentle rocking movement to facilitate homogeneous mixing of blood with anticoagulant to avoid clotting during collection of blood from a donor.


  • Volume can be set in 1 ml increments
  • Provision of pausing the collection and changing programmed volume during pause
  • Micro controller based program
  • Display of Weight, Volume and Time taken for collection
  • Auto tare facility
  • Motor activated clamping at the end of the collection
  • Audio-visual alarm in case of any abnormal condition
  • User friendly massages
  • Diagnostic mode massages for technical analysis
  • Automatic Alarm functions if the ow rate is less than 20 ml per minute during the blood collection
Technical Specifications
Cat. No.. LCM-13 LCM-14
Speed (rpm) 10
Speed accuracy (rpm) ±2
Maximum Volume (ml.) 999
Accuracy (ml.) ±10
Readability (ml.) 1
Calibration Auto
Voltage 90 – 270 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Battery Back up Nil 10 hrs.

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