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Blood Bank Refrigerators

Labtop Blood Bank Refrigerators are specially designed for storage of Blood and related products at 4.0 °C, availble in 9 basic cabinet sizes, designed to fit a variety of space and storage requirements.


Applications include refrigerated storage of Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures, Medicines and Blood samples. Preset o Temperature of 4.0 °C with micro controller based temperature controller includes digital temperature display of set value and process value, Forced air circulation for maximum temperature uniformity.


The cabinet of Laptop Blood bank refrigerators is insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam. Interior of chamber is stainless steel (304, 0.8 mm thick). The exterior is white powder coated (1.0 mm thick) mild steel and the door has a magnetic gasket with a keyed lock. Stainless steel baskets are provided inside.


The cooling is effected by CFC free refrigeration system with a condensing unit located inside the chamber. Labtop condensing units are characterised by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption.


A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for automation of controlling electromechanical processes, such as control of Temperature, Relative Humidity, Standby systems and event management with less maintenance hence no moving parts.




Technical Specifications
Cat. No. LBR-100 LBR-200 LBR-300 LBR-400 LBR-600 LBR-800 LBR-1000 LBR -1500 LBR-2000
Volume 100 Liters 200 Liters 300 Liters 400 Liters 600 Liters 800 Liters 1000 Liters 1500 Liters 2000 Liters
No. of tray 3 5 6 6 6 12 12 12 12
Temperature 4.0°C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Uniformity ± 1.0
Power 275 W 275 W 275 W 300 W 350 W 500 W 850 W 850 W 850 W
Voltage 230 VAC , 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm and weight (kg)
Internal Dim 435x400x600 505x400x1005 565x450x1205 635x530x1205 745x670x1205 1120x600x1205 1150x670x1300 1300x890x1300 1500x1030x1300
External Dia 580x5845x1275 650x880x1680 710x935x1885 780x1010x1880 890x1150x1960 1370x1075x1920 1400x1145x1920 1550x1365x1920 1750x1505x1920
Packing size 707x972x1478 777x1007x1883 837x1062x2088 907x1137x2083 1017x1277x2163 1497x1202x2123 1527x1272x2123 1677x1492x2123 1877x1632x2123
Net Weight 120 145 200 255 280 310 335 360 380
Gross Weight 175 225 275 325 350 400 425 450 480



PC interface communication

Micro control based controller to control, record, and store and print the set values, process values, Date & time with variable print time intervals with RS-485 communication for central monitoring software.

PLC system

Programmable Logic Control with Safety controller, auto changeover of Standby systems & other event managements with 4.3” Color HMI with touch screen, Ethernet connectivity and security lock for prevention of unauthorized tampering.

Central monitoring Software

“LABTOPWARE” CFR 21 Part 11 compliance windows based communication software for data management. Complete with RS-485 multi dropping to monitor chambers to one software.

Power Backup

Uninterrupted online power supply for PLC in case of power failure

Chart paper

One packet (100 Nos.) 7 days circular chart suitable for temperature recorder.

Fiber tip pen

One packet (5 nos.) fiber tip disposable pen suitable for temperature recorder.

Stand by Refrigeration system

Ready to use stand by refrigeration system if the regular system fails. This includes Compressor, Evaporator, condensers and other accessories.

Door Access system

Biometric door access system with magnetic lock for unauthorized door open and close with event log and PC interface communication.


The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certied for its accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory (ERTL West) Government of India recognized testing laboratory with reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL).

Service and Support

The training undertaken by our Channel partners and engineers is of the highest standard in the industry, ensuring that our customers are supported by the highest level of technical expertise and as such can be assured that their equipment will perform to the standards required at all times.

Our wide network of Engineers/Technicians enables us to respond to any technical query, ensuring that our customers receive the maximum benefit from their equipment.

NB : Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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